Palmer Dermatitis
| developed a form of palmer dematitis on both of my palms 6 months back. As usual, I went to consult a dermatologist
at the National Skin Centre.
The dermatologist prescribed steroid creams and PUVA treatment for my hands but it did not seem to work and the
condition actually got worsened.
My friend recommended me to see the medical herbalist Sebastian Liew for a lasting solution.
Sebastian put me on herbs to improve my liver function and the lymphatic system and was told to avoid certain foods.
He also created a customised herbal wash and a herbal cream to ease dryness, heal the wounds and treat the
My condition improved after 3 months with no recurrence if after I ate the “wrong” food. 1 am now applying the St
Hildegard’s virita balm for continuous skin resilience and immunity.
Ng Bee Hua – Retired
When Irushed to the A & E department sometime in October 2013, I feared that I had a recurrence of kidney stones.
The pain was unbearable. The doctor diagnosed as acute gastritis. What was most distressing was that they found my
blood sugar level was very high. I was told to take diabetic medications immediately and to have more fllo up
1 decided to consult naturopath Sebastian Liew instead and fllow his advise. He put me on a detox and herbal
protocols, which include ifestyle changes. I started regular exercise, nothing difcult just by walking for 30 rminutes
after every meal, as suggested in his book.
I cut back on refined carbohydrates, sugar and fruits. I started to feel healthier after 2 weeks and after a month, my
blood sugar level returms to normal readings. Since then, I have lost 10kg
I am very glad that I have made lifestyle changes that have led me to be more physically fit, halthier and stronger.

Chronic Eczema And Dry Skin

I have always had eczema. However, the patches are usually small and manageable.
Last year, sometime after National Day, I noticed that when I rubbed my hands together, dry skin, like fine powder flew
into the air. Soon after that, my elbows started too itched badly and the skin on both arms also started to flake, like
snow. The old patch of eczema on my left foot flared up. It started to itch badly and because I scratched it, the skin
broke and there was a lot of pus.
1 vsited a doctor who prescribed me some antibiotics and steroid creams. I was very happy when the problem stopped
and the skin condition seemed to improve. About a week later, the problem came back. Even though I did not scratch,
the skin on my foot broke again and became wet and weepy. It just won’t heal
In addition, the itch was termible and it was s0 bad that I could not sleep at night. Parts of my face, my neck and my
ams turned red and skin flaked off constantly. | hated bathing as after that, | would itch even more and red spots, like
hives would appear.
I decided to see a skin specialist. I was put on two weeks of steroids and stronger steroid creams. My condition
improved but I couldn’t sleep. Most nights, I slept for only 2 hours. Though I was very tired, I just couldn’t fall asleep,
day or night.
felt really desperate and wondered if1 would ever get well.
By chance, I got to know about Dr Liew. I decided to visit him in November 2013.
Dr Liew suggested that I get tested for candida infection and food intolerance. The test came back positive. Dr Liew
proposed a treatment plan and prescnibed various herbs and supplements for me.
Iially, I was doubtful as to whether the treatment would really work. Also, it involved a three day fast which sounded
really tough.
However, under Dr Liew’s encouragement, I completed the fast!
Iilly, things were pretty much the same. After 2 to 3 months of treatment, my skin conditin started to improve. The
skin stopped weeping and fiaking. The itch was greatly reduced and I could sleep very well.
Now, after 6 months, my eczema is gone. Although 1 stil have some minor skin iritations, the eczema on my foot has
healed completely. The areas on my face, neck and arms no longer flakes or ith.
Iwant to thank Dr Liew as he was very professional, patient and assuring. I am glad I took that frst step to see him.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

| am Sr winifred from Nepal, a Cluny sister. I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for last 8years the pain was
paralyzing me I was on medication, I met Dr.Sebastian in Nepal in 2011 and he advised me first to take medicine for
indigestion where I was also suffering as well for Arthtis,since then no problem with indigestion and improving in joint
pains, I can walk very well, can squat, s0 improving day by day.
| am very grateful to Dr Sebastian for his help and thank God for the gift of him as a naturopatic physician, May the
Good Lord continue to grant him the gift of healing so that all those who come to him may experience that power

Chronic Eczema, Leaky Gut Syndrome And Candidiasis

I want to thank God for leading me to find Sebastian for my condition which had plagued me all my life. I suffered
eczema from birth. During my growing up years, I remembered the times I scratched, bled and was scarred from the
scratching. I consulted GPs, Chinese doctors, specialists at NSC (National Skin Centre) and in private practice. I took
many types of medicine, Chinese herbs and steriods – both oral and topical. My condition would ease and return with
the same severity and itch. Over the years, I resigned myself to my condition and accepted that it was hereditary.
Things took a turn late last year when my eczema flared up again. I took the usual course of steriod plls and steroid
cream. I tried moisturizing my skin but the itch was relentless. I started to scratch and use scalding hot water to relieve
the itch. My skin became very dry and painful. Red, inflamed patches of raised skin appeared on the folds of my elbows
and behind my knees. The skin on my arms and legs peeled and flaked from the scratching. The final straw was when I
decided to get a steriod injection to stop the itch.
The relief was a short two months and the flare-up came back with a greater vengeance. 1 was worried and realized
that I was experiencing steroid withdrawal symptoms. That was then I knew I had to seek alternative types of treatment .
When I first saw Sebastian, my skin was a wreck. Where I could only take herbal supplements and natural remedies for
my conditin, I was fearful and doubted how I could make it through the treatment. I was scratching constantly, even
when I was already bleeding from the sores. In the next two weeks, both my feet swelled from water retention. I could
not walk for long and daily showers were a pain, lterallyl My skin was smarting horrendously from the water. I could not
get a good night sleep for weeks. I was even fearful of eating. It was nightmarish.
Sebastian was very patient. He prescribed all that I needed and more. With his encouragement, his stories and
comforting presence, he helped me to persist and stay on track with proper nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes .
At the onset, it was an not easy thing to do – changing the way I eat and the food choices I made when all these years, I
have been brought up on this basis. 1 had to re-educate myself on what I should eat and what to look out for when
eating out. The idea was to start small, start slow and 1 will get there eventually. In the meantime, I try to enjoy and
reflect on the process, for life is a journey – for me, tedious but manageable by God’s grace.
I am a recovering eczema-leaky gut-candidasis sufferer, with my skin now rash-free. I still abstain from many foods
especially that which I am intolerant to.1 now seek out foods that | can eat safely and experiment preparing foods which
1 could eat. It has made me more mindful of what I am putting into my body, to eat healthily on what is available and to
plan ahead when | am eating out or cooking for myself and my family. It is still mostly work and a bit of fun yet.
Nonetheless, I am grateful for this opportunity to do things difrently.
Now, I hope to inspire my family and my friends to do the same. Thank you, God and thank you, Sebastian.

Chronic Leg Ulcer

My mother was suffering from a chronic leg ulcer for more than two years. Doctors at a local hospital said that it was
impossible to cure due to her age and poor vascular drainage. Dr Liew used a herbal paste for the healing of the ulcer
and gave her the herb Olive leaf to prevent infection and to treat her high blood pressure. Within three months, the ulcer
was healed completely